My Rotation

- Acne Ace Ups - Black (dye)

- Acne Town Moon - Navy (dye)

- Baldwin 76 - Raw

- Baldwin Henley - Black (dye)


- And honestly, that’s aout all I need.  Nobody needs 10 pairs of jeans, a solid 4-5 pairs that are guaranteed to last is all I’m ever gonna ask for.  And IMO, nothing is touching those black Henley’s. 

- Wish I had a little more diversity in terms of wear & tear on my shit but again… Denim is not a problem and i can’t complain

- Lastly, quit washing your jeans, craft that fit. Nothing looks better than a broken down pair of raw denim jeans


- A few dudes that are proper with the fit


- Really wish I had this look going for me, well done.


- Yeahhhhhh roll that shit up lol.  Gotta be a fan of this look even if “Stay Gold” isn’t exactly the best of tattoo choices.

- Nice loafs bruh


- I really need to get my bread up :(

- To conclude, make sure and check out Baldwin Denim & Collection if you haven’t.  Located in KC, so local to me, and super good with hemming/tailoring their jeans to match your exact fit.  image

- Baldwin Denim & Collection - by Matt Baldwin

- Any questions or comments please feel free

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                                                                                        - The Style Log - #2


I guess I should start with some of my favorite brands, or at least the brands that I’m lucky enough to have shit from

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Formal Introduction

- The Style Log - 

- Welcome -


- What?: 

- my personal journal

- thoughts, ideas, opinions

- style, fashion, music, news, clothes

- Why?: 

- I honestly thought it would be cool to get my opinions and ideas out there towards the things i enjoy most. So… here we go

- i love interaction.  Feel free to submit any questions

- fuck with me or don’t, I’m just trying something new

- Who?:

- 18, KC, fashion connoisseur 

Instagram: Ekochy114